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    Information about Lieun craft's management henceforward 

    Lieun craft manages handicrafts manually with its independent technical skills from production to sales. Lieun craft prioritizes fast and convenient management for customers.


    [Repair & costs]

    Lieun craft charges the minimum costs for a repair of lost or broken specific gemstone or modified design.

    And any other repair services at Lieun craft are provided free of charge.



    Handicrafts at Lieun craft are mainly made of silver. Therefore, their color can change if left outside for a long time due to the nature of silver.

    Some customers who prefer the natural discoloration of silver tend not to clean handicrafts purposely. 

    If wanting to keep handicrafts clean silver, wipe the handicrafts after being worn and put them in a zipper bag to minimize the contact with air.

    Lieun craft provides cleaning service free of charge at the shop.


    [Exchange & refund]

    Any products with a defect can be exchanged or refunded regardless of the place of purchase.

    Customers who want an exchange are advised to ask for an exchange within 7 days after purchasing a product so we can exchange the product after an examination.

    Refund request from a change of mind are not acceptable since all products are made-to-order but exchange of products or into mileage are available in order to minimize customers' inconvenience.



    *Any foreign tourists and customers who have flown to overseas after a purchase are advised to contact Liun Workshop through telephone, e-mail, and SNS.

    call +82-2-722-2789 , e-mail lieuncraft@naver.com , sns instagram (lieuncraft) / wechat (lieuncraft) /KaKao talk (+82-2-722-2789)



    If you cannot visit the shop, use parcel service.


    52,Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

    Lieun craft 


    [As mentioned above, most of repair services are provided free of charge and parcel service shall be borne by customers.]


    [Silver management]

    What causes the discoloration of silver is either a sulfuration reaction (contact with air) or chloridation reaction.

    If not wearing products, wipe sweat or cosmetics off silver and put them into a poly bag.

    Or keeping wearing products may prevent the discoloration of silver.

    We recommend you to wipe discolored parts off silver with baking soda powder.

    A lot of products at Lieun craft are matt and matt products can be cleaned and look more matt by wiping with a dry loofah in one direction with gentle pressure.


    The best way of cleaning products is to visit the shop and ask for cleaning service. Liun Workshop cleans products thoroughly.



    [Information about Lieun craft in Samcheong-dong]

    [Opening hours] am10:30~pm19:00

    Open throughout the year

    (There may be some changes in family occasion and national holiday)

    [Telephone] 02-722-2789

    [Address] 52,Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

    1330 Korea Travel Hotline & Complaint Center 24 hours a day

    In Korea

    1330 (without area code)

    From Abroad



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